Just for fun, This is a running list of some of my assents. 

Joshua Tree

Fat cats (5.7) (Cathouse area)

 Siamese (5.8) (Cathouse area)

Chicken Pox Leave Bad Scars (5.8) (Cathouse area)

Nine Lives (5.8) (Cathouse area)

Hello Kitty (5.9+) (Cathouse area)

Pig Fucker (V1) (JBMFP Bouldering Area)

 Unnamed (V0) (JBMFP Bouldering Area) (On the Yabo Roof rock) 

False up 20(5.9) (JBMFP Bouldering Area)

Mikes books (5.6) (Intersection Rock) 

Descent route (V-easy) (JBMFP Bouldering Area)

Cryptic (5.8) (Ryan Camground Area)

Who’s First (5.6R) (Pixie Rock area)

Toms Solo (5.7) (Pixie Rock Area) 

Vaino’s Lost in Pot (5.7X) (Pixie Rock area) 

Duchess (5.6) (Fuedal Wall Area) 

Duchess Right (5.7) (Fuedal Wall Area) 

Duchess Left (5.4) (Fuedal Wall Area) 

Jamies Rock (5.9) (Indian Cove Area)

Willits Wall (5.9?) (Indian Cove Area)

Momma Spider (5.9) (Indian Cove Area)

Poppa Spider (5.8+) (Indian Cove Area)

Crack 69 (5.5) (Indian Cove Area)

Crack 63 (5.8) (Indian Cove Area)

Lindas Crack (5.4) (Short Wall Area) 

Lindas Face (5.6) (Short Wall Area) 

Tight Shoes (5.7R) (Short Wall Area) 

Toe Jam Express (5.3)  (Short Wall Area) 

Out of Step (5.7R) (Short Wall Area) 

Nutcracker (5.3) 

Mount Woodson

The Crucible (5.10d)

Elsas Crack (5.7) 

Tower 2 Off width (5.8)

Tower 2 Thin face (5.10a) 

Practice Boulder (5.6)

Elsas Face (5.10a) 

Sunday Afternoon boulder 

Vomitorium (5.9)

Axe Warmup Solo (5.8)

Axe Warmup Solo #2 (5.9)

Simple Man (V1) 

Milkbar (5.8+)

Ultraviolence (5.10a)

Girls Climb (5.10b)

Phantom Crack (5.9)

Jaws (5.11a)

Baby Robbins (5.10a) 

Cornflake (5.7)

Rockwork Orange (5.10a) 

Santee Boulders

Dog Pile routes 1-4 (~5.9)

Lonesome Boulder (5.10a)

Terrible Face (5.11+ on mountain project, but I don’t believe that)

Masochists Crack (5.9, 5.10 when I climbed it though!)

Bullet hole crack (5.6)

Amphitheater routes (5.7-5.9)

Happy Face (5.9)

Buttplug (5.7)


Mission Gorge

Sunshine Wall Left (5.8)

Sunshine Wall Right

Hangmans climb (5.10a)

Craigs Crack (5.8)

Suzies Wild Ride (5.9-)

Crack of Dust (5.8)

Quack of Ducks (5.9)

Lake Dixon

Y Crack (5.7)

Butthole Express (5.8)

Hairy Airy (5.9)

Jam Crack (5.10a)


Angels Fright (5.5)

Left Ski Track (5.6)

El Cajon Mountain

Leonids (5.9)

Rampage (5.8)

Ramp (5.4)

Meteor (5.8)