About Me


Hello, my name is Maria


Relaunched in 2016 as a Travel Blog to document my adventures into the unknown to blaze a path for other planning obsessed adventurers learning how to go where they have never gone before.

I was raised to be afraid of everything. Life was about survival. All choices were made erring towards doing less and squirreling away money and energy for rainy days. One day, sometime in 2015, my life fell apart and I had a breakthrough. Life wasn’t about compromise. It wasn’t about getting the best you can get while still playing it safe. I stepped out of my comfort zone and decided that I should put it all out there, because one can not cheat death by living as little as possible.

  In my weakest moments I still let fear of the unknown cripple my decisions and keep me indoors, quiet, secretive, and alone. This travelogue follows my path towards being out there in the open, in the outdoors, and living my best life.

Written so I can connect with you on your path towards self sufficiency and exploration too.